Challenge Descripcion

We invite your school to be part of this challenging competition to prove your English language skills, as you become an active member of society, promoting positive changes!

Social networking provides a personal space to share, design and promote our wildest or more private ideas. Social networks are useful tools to keep up with friends and relatives that might not live close, have easy access to currently updated information, they might be also used as powerful tools to establish communication with people across the globe to open a new world of community participation.

Is social networking always used in this fascinating way?

In groups of 4-6 students, write a persuasive text, 500-700 words long using font Arial size 12 and 1.5 line spacing, in which you promote the responsible usage of the most fascinating social networks and describe how to make the best out of social networking. Present your text as a dialogue, in a creative and persuasive 1.5-2 minutes long video, in which all the members of your group are seen expressing the message you want to spread across the young people. Create a channel in You Tube under the name of your school and upload the video. Send both the text and the link to the video, to the following address, as well as, the registration form which can be downloaded from

The teams that will be chosen to take part in the final stage of the competition in a live Q & A videoconference session with Edusoft in Israel about the advantages and disadvantages on social media will be assessed on:

  • Creativity
  • Conviction in your ideas
  • Use of language

During the videoconference the team’s agility and accuracy will be assessed as well.