Challenge Descripcion

We invite your school to be part of this challenging competition in which students will find themselves submerged in the English and Technology world!

Students will manipulate a Bee Bot to spell out given words according to the grade they attend; the assigned words will be based on the High Frequency Words and common nouns of the Dolch List. Students have to program the Bee Bot to move around a rug with letters to spell the given word. The purpose of the competition is to encourage students to develop English skills through the use of technology.

The teams that will be chosen to take part in the final stage of the competition in a live Q & A session will be assessed on:

  • Creativity
  • Conviction in your ideas
  • Use of language


If the judge asks students to spell out the word "home", the students must program the Bee Bot to move on the rug as it follows:

  1. Program the Bee Bot to reach the letter H
  2. Program the Bee Bot to reach the letter o
  3. Program the Bee Bot to reach the letter M
  4. Program the Bee Bot to reach the letter E


No mistakes One mistakes Two or more mistakes
10 8 5
If there are no programming mistakes If there's a programming mistake on one letter If there are two or more programming mistakes

The team will score points on each round. If there’s a tie, the programming time will be considered.


Teams must be up to five lower elementary students, the students can be from different schools, and must have an adult coach (he/she can be a member of your family, friend or teacher).


Every team must complete a registration form in order to start the inscription process, which can be found in http://aarobotec.org/II/registro-robotica. The inscription process starts January 1, 2014. Afterwards, your team will receive via email a confirmation number and a form to pay the inscription fee.